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Sweet Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 Message For Crush

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 For Crush

Crushes are the people whom we really like. But at the same time, we are too shy to talk to them and express our feelings about them. Crushes are in almost everyone’s life, they are the people whom you like, who really mean a lot to you, but they don’t know that. And we are afraid to tell them that we like them. The question is how to wish our crushes on this special day of Valentine’s?

If you are crushing on someone but don’t know how to wish them on this Valentine’s Day 2021 then you have the best option for sending them a happy Valentine’s Day 2021 message for crush. By sending them romantic messages, SMS, quotes, and wishes you can express your feelings about them.

Valentine’s messages are sweet and shot. You are free to modify these messages and wishes as per your needs which suit your needs and feelings for your crush. These romantic messages will give you the attention you wanted from your crush.

Best Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 Message For Crush:

Happy Valentines Day 2021 Messages For Her

I am always shy to say how I feel about you, today I’ve decided to take the bull by the horn. I like you! Have an awesome valentine my crush, you are truly amazing!

Every time I see you, I could feel a little flame in my heart lighting up. And that’s because I truly love you. Happy Valentines Day!

The crush I’m having on you is about crushing my heart into pieces, luckily enough I saved it for your love. Be my Valentine. Enjoy your valentine sweetie.

Everyone knows I’m crushing on you. It is only you who do not know how crazy I’m about you. Please be my valentine and make me the luckiest person ever.

I don’t want to celebrate another Valentine’s Day crushing on you, be my love this Valentine, enjoy the season of love!

Dear crush, I just want to let you know I love you and cherish you a lot. I hope someday you’ll be my valentine 2021!

Maybe one day I can call you my BF or my husband, it all depends on you. I just want to let you know I’m having a crush on you, I love and cherish you. Have a great Valentine my crush!

I’m willing to do anything you would want me to do to have you as my forever sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

You’re very astonishing, I love you and I want you to know how crazy I’m about you. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

With each passing day, a great thought about you orbits my mind. I can’t afford to let you go. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021, my love crush.

I want to see you in my everything. I want to feel you like the air I breathe. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush!

Where do you want to go for Valentine’s? I want you to know that I’m free today and willing to take you around your favorite places. Happy Valentine’s Day dear crush.

Latest Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 SMS For Crush:

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 SMS For Crush

My heart clings because I have created a room for you in my heart. I hope you come in to occupy it soon. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 my pretty crush.

The way we met is still surprising to me, that’s why I think we could start something between us. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

You really have shown me much love as your crush, I can’t imagine how sweet life would be if we outgrow this stage. Happy Valentine’s Day crust!

This day is just for cute people like you, so enjoy it! Happy Valentine’s Day my crush!

I have been waiting so long to get a reply from you but it seems I have exhausted my patience but I still love you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I understand you’ve not seen the reason to accept me, but I’m glad I could tell you how crazy I’m about you on this special day. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

I wish I have a magic wand to turn you to my love because I found all I need in you and I hope you’ll see that in me also. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.

The love I have for you is more than the love birds have for themselves, I will never relent until I have you. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush.

You are really pretty, I love everything about you and that is why you are my crush, please be my valentine and I guarantee you a time you will never forget!

Since the first day, I laid my eyes on you, I have had a really huge crush on you, I was only hoping to make you my valentine today, what do you say?

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic occasion for lovers. Lovers around the world eagerly wait for this romantic event for the entire year to come. And when this special day finally comes, they celebrate this event with great love and make this memorable. Check out the sweet Valentine’s Day 2021 wishes and quotes for crush and lovers.

Romantic Valentine’s Day 2021 Wishes For Crush:

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 Wishes For Crush

I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I get to share valentines with the crush of my life. Happy valentine’s sweetie, enjoy!

We went to the same high school and we live in the same neighborhood, but I felt strongly in love with you when we left for a different college. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 crush. I love you.

Your smile is the most precious thing I have ever seen and I totally died on it. Have a blissful day. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

Your faithfulness to your previous boyfriend proved to me that you are rare, but still he betrayed you, I promise never to betray you if you give me a chance. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

Someone would think that old age will affect love, but when it comes to love everyone is like a little child. Happy Valentine’s Day eternal crush. I won’t stop loving you.

We have become so aged and my love for you never dropped a bit, I always carry you in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. I hope we’ll be together somehow soon.

I may be shy, I may only feel these things deep inside, but all I wish for you on valentine is that the smile that sets my soul on fire doesn’t leave your face dear crush.

Happy valentine’s my crush, you bring joy to my life and I haven’t even made you mine yet. Soon to meet and make this day worth remembering lovely crush.

I have always had a crush on you, it took me till valentines to finally realize how much I need you in life as my one and only. Will you be my valentine sweetheart?

Someday, you’ll be my valentine dear crush, and when that day comes, I will never let you go, I will show you how to love and we will be together forever.

You ignore me but I love to talk with you and I miss you a lot even though you wouldn’t think about me. I wish you all the best and Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.

Happy valentine’s my crush! You always look pretty; I hope you won’t turn down my offer for I would really love to spend today with you. I love you!

Let the feelings flow and emotions expressed. You are my first crush and living without you is a hard task. Have a wonderful life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

I hope I am not getting so obsessed with you because everything you do becomes something I naturally find pleasure in doing. Happy Valentine’s Day crush. Let’s celebrate it together.

Sweet Valentine’s Day 2021 Quotes For Crush:

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 Quotes For Crush

I wish I know telepathy science so that I could read what you have in your mind. You may love me or not but I love you a lot. Wish you a very happy life.  Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

You are the beautiful miracle of God on planet earth. God made you in His leisure, I guess. Have a beautiful life ahead. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

In this world, nothing last a lifetime, but my love for you seems to last more than that. Because I never stopped loving you for once. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush. Have fun.

You are my most desiring daydream. I love to see it with my closed eyes. I wish you a wonderful life. Have a fabulous Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweetheart.

The moment I saw you was the beautiful moment of my life and I wish I could spend my whole life with you. I just fell in love with you at first sight. Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweet crush.

Happy valentine’s my crush, you rock my world and I hope someday I will rock yours too. Have a hearty day!

The womb that gave birth to you is a blessed womb forever because you are so astonishing in all you do, I love you and I want you to be mine. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

Just hang about for few moments at least. My eyes look for you every time and I feel how would I live without you. I miss you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love crush.

May this Valentine be heartier than the last, may you have fun, make merry, and oh, know that I have a crush on you and that I really like you so much!

Dreams are far away from my eyes as you have taken place to them. A special room has booked for you in my heart. I miss you a lot. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear crush.

The kind of attention I give to you is an unlimited one, and I can tell you that I will do much more than that if you give me a chance. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.

I am always shy when you are around; you make me weak and give me a feeling I have never had before. Have an awesome valentine my crush, you are truly amazing!

I can’t stand the thought of losing you; you are a memory, a wish and most importantly, the one I hope to share this and every valentine with. Have an amazing time dear.

Sometimes I stare at your picture for extended periods wishing that you are mine, I look forward to us becoming a couple before the next Valentine’s Day.

Crushing on you is secure and hard at the same time. It is easy when I bury myself in work, but it becomes harder when you cross my mind.

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